Write For Us

dasBlog strives to be the number one online resource for those looking to start their own blog.

This requires a lot of content created by talented writers who understand the various mediums and platforms.

Unfortunately, while our site is one of the most trusted and acclaimed on the internet, we cannot produce the amount of content needed to be number one on our own.

That is why our blog is open to accepting the writing of others.

Not only does guest posting give our readership a unique angle, it also celebrates the spirit of blogging.

It’s what blogging is all about.

We encourage you to reach out with authorship requests.

All that we ask is that your content is completely original and provides a useful angle for the readers of our site.

If you want to get a better idea of what that might be, just look around and pay attention to the writing style.

We pride ourselves on how the personality of each of our writers shines through.

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some of the topics we would love to see:

  • How to earn money with your blog.
  • How to become a blogging freelancer.
  • Strategies for writing compelling content.
  • How to grow a blog’s readership.
  • Expert advice and opinions on the future of blogging.
  • And, of course, list posts that provide interesting information.

Don’t be shy! Just pitch us your idea and we will let you know what we think within a day or two.

Still Have More Questions?

Here are some common questions we get:

Should I include a title, images, and outbound links?

Thanks for asking! Yes, please include all of these things and ensure that your images are free to use.

Will my post be edited?

Pobody’s nerfect and from time to time, we will edit content that we receive in order to make it so.

How long should a post be?

We find that the best and most readable content generally stands between 800 and 1,000 words.

Do you pay for guest posts?

We do not pay for guest posts but we are happy to provide a link back to your own website if you desire.

We look forward to hearing from you today!